Middle East Comment from a Traveling Journo


Im a BBC producer working specifically on Syria. As a freelancer I reported undercover from Syria during the 2011 uprising and work appeared in The Times, The Telegraph and was broadcast on NPR Radio and PBS Frontline in the US. I am also a regular guest on Monocle 24 radio talking about the Middle East.

This blog is personal and does not reflect the views of the BBC. It will mostly address Middle Eastern news topics and anything else that interests me.


3 Responses

  1. Kathy says:

    I cannot believe you have your own blog. Great pieces, I’ve read them both! You clever thing.

  2. Mungo says:

    I actually like this mungo. Yes, derisive, yes, sardonic but you know how to laugh at yourself too.

  3. Amazing work, informative, insightful and very engaging. Keep up the good work!

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Middle East Comment from a Travelling Journo

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